• Jiftip | Blowjob Challenge | How to get a blowjob, even if she thinks it tastes gross



  • My wife won't give me a blowjob because she says it tastes gross. Everything else in our sex life is fine, but I really miss a good blowjob.

    How do I get her to change her mind?

    Jiftip Sperm taste just isn't popular

    The reason is sperm

    It wasn't designed for good flavour

    It tastes like horse 🐎 piss 🍺 to my sweetheart. She loves me, but not my sperm. It wasn't designed to taste delicious and nothing can change that.

    Jiftip | remember the flowers and the bees

    Attract, don't repel

    Learn from flowers and the bees

    I remembered the lessons from flowers and bees. Block the stuff that repels and use the stuff she likes.

    Jiftip | Then add chocolate

    Block the bad flavor

    Add some good flavor

    To block the sperm taste, I sealed my spout. Jiftip works perfectly. Next, I layered on the chocolate spread, Nutella works.

    Jiftip | It was awesome!

    How did it go?

    Happy endings are awesome 🏁

    This morning was the third time. She literally begged to give me a blowjob 🍭 before she would get out of bed.


    Be her gentleman.

    Happy wife, happy life

    Be helpful, really listen without offering a solution. Bring her breakfast in bed for no reason at all. And never, EVER leave a sperm mess for her to clean up.

    Jiftip Sperm taste just isn't popular

    This is not for everyone


    To conquer yourself, your penis, and your sperm, is the most exciting physical and mental challenge you'll ever face. Curiosity isn't enough! Face it, then do it! 💪

  • Jiftip | try it, you'll love it or get a full refund, no return necessary.


    She loves you, not your sperm.

    Jiftip is a micro thin shield that covers just the tip. You forget it's even there.

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